More Time On Stage

We give dancers more time to compete on stage with their routines
& qualifying dancers will get a second opportunity to showcase their work to the audience & judges!

Live Feedback

Dancers are adjudicated in 3 different categories & will receive
live feedback from one of our judges immediately after competing!

One Day Events

We are different from other competitions & Chemistry happens within one
amazing day where the judges can truly focus on each routine that hits the stage!


RegistrationGroupDuet/ TrioSoloTax
Early Registration Fee (Before November 1st)$100.00 per entry$35.00 per person, per entry$45.00 per entryNo Tax
Registration Fee (Before January 31st)$100.00 per entry$40.00 per person, per entry$50.00 per entry+HST
Late Registration Fee (Starting on February 1st)$125.00 per entry$50.00 per person, per entry$60.00 per entry+HST
CO/VDC (online)$100.00 per entry$25.00 per person, per entry$25.00 per entry+HST
Chemistry FestivalTBDTBDTBDTBD

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All the information below is important.
Details are subject to change.
Please read carefully.

Hip Hop
Musical Theatre
Fusion (NEW check info below)
Tricks are allowed in ALL routines and there is no limit as to how many you can have in one dance.
We ask that you use your discretion and make sure that the style of each art form is properly represented.
What is FUSION?
Our Fusion category works the same way as what is known as "Open"
If you have a routine that offers a cross of styles/ dance disciplines, then it will fall into this category.
At Chemistry, we define Fusion as: the combining of different styles and/ or techniques present within a given routine.
TIME LIMITSSolos, Duets, Trios must be no longer than 3 min
Groups (4 - 9) must be no longer then 5 min
Groups (10 +) must be no longer then 7 min
ENTRIESWe will accept the amount of entries we can logically fit within a day per venue.
Chemistry has changed and is currently running a "2 Round" competition instead of 3 Rounds.
Round 1 - All entries will compete in Round 1.Round 2 - The top 5 or 10 routines (dependent on number of entries) in the Jr, Int, & Sr Age Divisions have a second chance to compete in Round 2. This is the final chance to win either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy.CO/ VDC - Chemistry Online/ Virtual Dance CompetitionOur virtual competition will follow similar rules & guidelines.
- This is a 2 Round competition
- Adjudication will take place for all entries in round 1
- Round 1 may commence with less than 25 entries
- A minimum of 25 entries is required in order for us to proceed to our video streaming event in round 2
SCORINGScores are given out directly after each performance.
All routines will be marked based on the following:
Energy & Stage Presence - marked out of 30
Choreography & Execution - marked out of 50
Style & Technique - marked out of 20
(format subject to change during Round 2 &/ or 3)
CFO - Chemistry Festival OnlineA live event over Zoom, streaming ALL submitted dance routines
Dancers can enjoy workshop classes throughout the day with amazing choreographers & instructors and win prizes for the video's they submit.
CHEMISTRY AWARDS!Chemistry loot bags will be given to all dancers that compete during the competition.
Highest scoring overall in each dance category will be given a Certificate or Plaque.
Chemistry Awards will be given out to the routines that stand out the most to the judges.
A Trophy will be given to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners in the Jr, Int, & Sr Age Divisions.
A Certificate will be given to the highest scoring Youth routine.
CHOREOGRAPHYRoutines can be choreographed by teachers, guest choreographers &/ or students.
There is no special placement for student choreography at this time.
AGE DIVISIONSYouth - 4 - 9
Jr - 10 - 12
Int - 13 - 15
Sr - 16 +
(Neophytes are welcome in each age division) - upd May 2022
What is a NEOPHYTE? - upd May 2022
A neophyte is a novice/ beginner to the competition lifestyle & a dancer that takes less than 4.5 hrs of dance training on a weekly basis.
In order for a Solo, Duet, Trio or Group to compete as a neophyte, a majority of the dancers or group (51%) must be in their first year of competing or have less that 4.5 hrs of training weekly.
Neophytes qualify for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Certificates (not trophies).
MUSICAll music must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the competition. This is to guarantee music is properly formatted onto to our system & ready for the competition.
Please make sure that all music is properly edited. While we respect each recording artist and their creative process, we do ask that you try to keep the viewing audience in consideration as much as possible.
PROPSProps are allowed in all routines. They must be set up by dancers or teachers of the same studio. The staff at Chemistry Dance Competition is not responsible for helping with the set up of props.
Props must be in consideration of society, laws & non violent.
JUDGESThe judges are filled with a vast knowledge of professional experience in the performing arts industry. We strive at making sure that the judges are able to help all performers reach a new level in their career. All judge scores are final and will not be changed within each round.PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHYChemistry Dance Competition will have a photographer/ videographer on site at each event. All participants that attend our events agree to their photo/ video being taken & used on all Chemistry Dance Competition social media platforms & for promotional use.
** all submitted videos may be included for promotional use by Chemistry Dance Competition.
GENERAL- No smoking is permitted within the dance space/ area of the performers
- Please refrain from strong smelling scents/ perfumes which can cause allergic reactions to others
- Your consideration towards those with peanut allergies is greatly appreciated
- Flash photography is not allowed
- The filming and photography of other routines and studios is not permitted
- A respectful behavior is encouraged between all students, studios, teachers/ directors/ studio owners, families and friends while attending Chemistry Dance Competition
- Please be advised that Chemistry Dance Competition is not responsible for injuries of any kind that may occur during the competition. As well, Chemistry Dance Competition & the hosting venue of the Competition is not responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen items
SANITATION STATIONSYour safety and health is a priority to us. At each venue we work with, we will have sanitation stations set up for everyone which will include; hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues and paper towel.


What's Happening In 2022 / 2023!

October 31st
Chemistry Halloween Contest
November 1st
Early Registration Ends for our 2023 Season
---April 2nd
Anapilis Community Centre - Mississauga, ON
May 7th
Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre - Winnipeg, MB
May 13th
CO/VDC - Chemistry Online/ Virtual Dance Competition

(As we are still navigating through Covid-19,
dates are tentative and may be subject to changes)

RESULTS for 2022

April 1st1st PlaceJunior - Nebula
Intrermediate - Elements
Senior - you Should Be Sad
2nd PlaceJunior - Inside Out
Intrermediate -In The Spotlight
Senior - The 1
3rd PlaceJunior - Take Out
Intrermediate - What's The Tea
Senior - Anyone

APRIL 23rd1st PlaceJunior - Arachnophobia
Intrermediate - To Build a Home
Senior - Anyone
2nd PlaceJunior - Shy
Intrermediate - Roses
Senior - You Should Be Sad
3rd PlaceJunior - Older Than I Am, Lay Me Down, Cooler Than Me
Intrermediate - An Evening I will Not Forget
Senior - Escalate

Ava Gravelle - Shy
Perfect Equations
Addison Fletcher - NLC Dance Company
Older Than I Am
Perfect Equations
Lyrik Alkema - Lost On Earth
Explosive Performance
Kya Sousa - NLC Dance Company
Complete Pressure
Lyrik Alkema - Arachnophobia
Extreme Connection
Titan Dance Crew - To Build a Home
Gamma Radiation
Ava & Gabi - Cooler Than Me
Gamma Radiation
Rylie Wilkins - How We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is happening with competitions during Covid-19?
A. We are doing our best to stay up to date with government laws to ensure the safety of all participants during our events.
Currently all events are running and we will continue to keep the proper safety measures in place.
Q. How do I register my students?
A. Click HERE to register
Q. What if I need a refund?
A. Refunds are only available during the current competitive season, up to 60 days before the competition date (no exceptions will be made after this date). Transferring from 1 event to another is acceptable if space is available.
If we need to switch your event (for any given reason at all) we will give you proper notice & a explanation as to why.
Q. What happens if an event is canceled
A. In the case that an event is canceled (for any given reason) you will first be transferred to another event. After that, our policy is to provide you with a credit towards another event/ season of your choosing.
A refund between 50 % - 75 % may apply depending on the situation & circumstance of the cancellation.
Q. What are my payment options?
A. We accept major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa & Amex,
E-transfers & Cheques.
Q. How many tricks are allowed per routine?
A. There is no limit for tricks in any routine, however, please be sure that the routine respects the dance style & discipline.
Q. Who are the judges?
A. Judges will be announced prior to the event.
Q. What are the age divisions?
A. We currently have 4 age divisions. Youth, ages 4 - 9, Junior, ages 10 - 12,
Intermediate, ages 13 - 15, & Senior, ages 16 +
Q. When will I know the schedule?
A. We will aim to have the schedule available 2 weeks prior to an event.
Q. Do you have cash prizes?
A. Yes we do for our 1st place winners & the cash amount is dependant on the amount of entries per each event.
76+ entries =$350.00
51 - 75 entries = $250.00
-50 entries = $150.00
Q. What is FUSION?
A. Our Fusion category works the same way as what you might know as "Open"
If you have a routine that offers a cross of styles/ dance discplines, then it will fall into this category. At Chemistry, we define Fusion as: the combining of different styles &/ or techniques present within a given routine.
Q. What is CO/ VDC?
A. Chemistry Online/ Virtual Dance Competition
This was created during the pandemic in 2021 & we will continue to offer an online competition option for dancers until further notice.
Q. Does everyone get a trophy?
A. No. Only the top 3 Jr, Int & Sr routines will receive a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophy. Our Chemistry Awards & Highest Scoring Certificates are available to the routines that stand out to our judges & scored highest in their category.


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